Nancy Schmidt

Library Director

Mike Furman

Assistant Library Director

Chris Erb

Library Clerk



Stacie Stocks

Library Clerk


Eli Ritterpusch

Technology Trainer/IT


Fred Lyons

Substitute Library Clerk

The Laurel Public Library currently has two openings on its Library Board that need to be filled. One seat expires June 30, 2023 and the other expires June 30, 2024. If you are interested in being part of the decision-making team at the library, please send a letter of interest to the following address:

Laurel Public Library
720 W 3rd ST

Laurel, MT 59044

All letters of interest will be forwarded to the Mayor for appointment.



Term: 06/30/2027

Lela Schlitz

Term: 06/30/2024

Katie Fjelstad

Term: 06/30/2023

Kate Manley


Term: 06/30/2026

Clair Killebrew

Foundation Liaison

Nancy Schmidt

Library Director

Advisory Member / Secretary

Arthur Vogele

Chair & Federation Representative

Term: 06/30/2025